You are never too old to set another goal or dream another dream.

The Beginning

Teri’s love for both styling and entrepreneurship has stemmed from her long career in the fashion industry. From her first apparel job in 1988 to founding Cotton Chicks, from bustling Los Angeles to a small farming town in Arizona, her love for self-sufficiency, fashion, and styling has been the driving force for her success.

The Power of Stay At Home Moms

Teri understands that the real superheroes of the world are stay-at-home moms. Maintaining the household is a job in itself, which is why you deserve all the credit in the world for what you do every single day. 

Stay-at-home moms spend every day of their lives thinking about someone else, and they rarely get time off their responsibilities to let loose, have fun, and enjoy a girls’ night. With so much to cram into one event – why not combine the two?!

Cotton Chicks Was Born

Teri has always wanted to have her own company. Cotton Chick represents this desire to achieve while still being there for the family. 

Teri understands that most women simply LOVE clothes, but they lack the time to shop for themselves. The concept behind Cotton Chicks was to maximize the time women do have to have fun, enjoy fashion, and spend money. When working as a stay-at-home mom, flexibility is always key, which is why Teri made sure that whoever works with Cotton Chicks is in full control of their own schedule. Women empowerment is vitally important to Teri, and it’s at the heart of what Cotton Chicks is all about. You can be your own boss while still being there for your family. With Cotton Chicks, you don’t have to sacrifice, you don’t have to choose, and you won’t exhaust yourself trying to do both.